Innovation Grants (IG) will be given to participating AUs for carrying out of Innovation Plans to non-accredited university to strengthen themselves to qualify for accreditation and those SAUs requiring immediate attention for strengthening their education activities.

The Innovation Plans would support technical assistance and consultant services, including those required to: (a) make AUs reform ready (i.e., attain accreditation); and (b) promote mentoring of non-accredited AUs by existing reform-ready AUs and other interstate and international academic partnerships.

  • Modern class rooms/UG/PG Labs/Audio Visual Aids
  • Smart interactive touch boards with display screen and Digital Pens
  • Server setups inside school loaded with digital instruction and assessment mapped to the university course curriculum integrating AI module.
  • Projectors (LED) & Video conferencing.
  • E-kiosks and touch screen/visualizerd.
  • Biometric attendance systems.
  • Specially designed learning courses with proper audio-visual effects.
  • Periodic support to ensure smooth functioning of the program.
  • Training faculty for the optimum use of smart class resources and accelerated learning.
  • Employment counsellor in selecting the right career option.
  • Logistic support to visiting companies.
  • Conducting industry seminars and professional workshops from experts to better prepare students for final placements.
  • Liaising with corporates/organisations.
  • Amenities required for organising recruitment activities and slotting companies visits.

One valuable source that has not been exploited fully in India is the alumni network, particularly those of the overseas Indians. The partnering universities will be encouraged to establish and leverage these networks in promoting their brands, mobilization of resources, forging linkages and enlisting foreign faculty for teaching. The activities are:

  • Securing international branding and alignment
  • Promoting mentor models through alumni linkages
  • Creating Centres for Career Development
Faculty Development/Training
  • Establishing linkages and tie-up.
  • Regular foreign faculties as adjunct/visiting professors
  • Executive faculty international programmes for communication skills and leadership
  • National and international faculty visits to AUs for capacity building.
  • Harnessing off shore Indians in foreign universities as guest faculty
  • Faculty / PG students participation in seminars/conferences/symposia.
  • Leadership building through exposure and trainings.
Other may include:
  • Digitization of Library / e-library
  • Instructional Farms (Workshop/dairy plant/ Veterinary clinic etc.):- Modern equipment & tools for strengthening activities, if any
  • Incubation centre for accelerating activities of Starts up & Stand up program.
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