Component 1B: Centers for Advanced Agricultural Science and Technology (CAAST)

Centers for Advanced Agricultural Science and Technology Under this component, select accredited AUs have been awarded projects for the establishment of Centers for Advance Agricultural Science and Technology (CAAST). These Centers have been developed as multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary in nature for teaching, research and extension on critical and emerging issues of agriculture. The key provisions for funding under CAAST include research and teaching equipment, faculty and scientist development fellowships, postgraduate student scholarships, and the costs associated with twinning arrangements with similar centres both nationally and internationally. The activities and research achievements of the AUs under CAAST are spread over a number of thematic areas such as Conservation Agriculture, Protective/Saline aquaculture, Climate Smart Agriculture, Precision farming/Farm Mechanization, Secondary Agriculture, Adaptive agriculture, Renewable Energy Sources, Integrated Farming System (IFS), Agriculture Market Intelligence, Good Agricultural Practices, Hitech/Protected Cultivation, Food Safety, Big Data Analysis, Natural Resource Management and Genomics-assisted Breeding. The advanced centres will be a boost for technology commercialization of Indian agriculture. Besides, the digital intervention will lead to transform Indian agricultural education into a virtual mode.

Awarded Universities

AAU Anand BAU Ranchi
BCKV Mohanpur CIFE Mumbai
CSAUA&T Kanpur CSK HPKV Palampur
IARI Delhi IVRI Izatnagar
KAU Thissur MPKV Rahuri
NAU Navsari PAU Ludhiana
UAS Bangalore VNMKV Parbhani
MAFSU Nagpur JNKVV Jabalpur

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