Component 1C: Innovation Grants (IG)

Innovation Grants Under this subcomponent, projects have been awarded to select participating AUs to attain accreditation. Reform-ready AUs mentoring the non-accredited AUs is also part of this component. The Education Division, ICAR, uses the voluntary accreditation process as a determinant of AU reform readiness. Accreditation confirms that the given AU: a) has clearly defined and appropriate objectives (i.e., leadership); b) has established an enabling environment that makes achievements of these objectives possible (i.e., governance); c) is substantially accomplishing its objectives (i.e., effectiveness); and d) is organized, staffed and supported to ensure its continuation (i.e., sustainability). ICAR awards accreditation at three levels – university, college, and program – and bases its decision to accredit a given AU on three sources of evidence: (a) AU self-examination; (b) institutional peer review; and (c) final decision by the ICAR Accreditation Board. NAHEP supports AUs in their efforts to attain accreditation through this subcomponent.

Awarded Universities

AU Kota AU Jodhpur
BASU Patna Dr. PKDV Akola
Dr. RPCAU Pusa MPHU Karnal
NDUAT Kumarganj Kamdhenu University
PJTSAU Hyderabad PVNRTVU Hyderabad
RLBCAU Jhansi SKLTSHU Hyderabad
SKRAU Bikaner SVVU Tirupati
UAS Raichur UBKV Kolkata
WBUAFS Kolkata IGKV Raipur
NDVSU Jabalpur KVASU Wayanad
VCSGUUHF Bharsar CGKV Raipur

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