Component 1A: Institutional Development Plans IDP

Support to Agricultural Universities A. Component 1a: Institutional Development Plans IDP-financed activities are more oriented towards capacity building and governance reforms, leading to greater autonomy and sustained accreditation of the University. The key provisions for funding under IDP include students’ skill and entrepreneurial development, enhancing learning outcome and teaching effectiveness, faculty development and training, networking and industry collaboration, vocational training, students' job placement, own revenue generation and support for the twinning plan. In addition to these priorities, emphasis is also being placed on effective industry linkages to enhance the employability of agriculture graduates as well as to help AUs to generate their own resources through establishing facilitative Centres. Renewed public-private partnership efforts would also strengthen stakeholders’ role in curriculum design, course evaluation and overall faculty and student development. Over and above these, the digitization of academic activities under IDP (NAHEP) helped to insulate AUs from the social distancing restrictions imposed due to Covid-19 in the country. It also helped to convert the restrictions from a deep crisis into an opportunity for increasing digitization and effectively implementing the Academic Continuity plan. Students and faculties could access the study materials, attend the classes, complete the assignments, and even attend the examinations from anywhere due to digital intervention developed by partner AUs. These initiatives would help the agricultural higher education system in India to produce quality graduates with desired traits and experience along with requisite skills in innovation, entrepreneurship, and agribusiness, getting cumulated to the existing stock of human capital in agricultural education, research and industry.

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