Hackthon-2.0 (Innovations for Precision and Economical Animal Farming)

A National level hackathon named “KRITAGYA” has been planned by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) under National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP) along with the Animal Science Division of ICAR on "Precision and Economical Animal Farming". This hackathon 2.0 has been organized in 2021-22 to promote and enhance the learning capabilities, innovations and disruptive solutions, employability and entrepreneurial drive in the livestock sector. Students, faculties and innovators/entrepreneurs from many universities / technical institutions across the country participated in the event in the form of a group. There were 15 problem statements for the livestock sector in India. All the participating teams presented more innovative solutions for them. Registrations commenced from 15th September 2021 till 10th October 2021

This hackathon received a great response across the country, where more than 269 teams (865 participants) actively participated in the event. The KRITAGYA 2.0 (2021-22) awards was presented at the VC Conference on 13th April 2022 by Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, Sh. Narendra Singh Tomar. Overall 4 teams were awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 9 lakh .

Problem Statements

  • Innovative tools for reducing drudgery in animal farming
  • Telemedicine module
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based forecasting models of livestock & poultry disease
  • Digital / analog tools for disease diagnosis
  • ICT based solution for faster disease reporting, networking and risk communication
  • Multianalyte and high throughput milk and milk product testing
  • Innovative tools for oestrus and early pregnancy detection in large animals
  • Calving alert Tool/ system
  • Green energy from animal bio-wastes
  • Smart technologies for transportation of animal and animal products
  • Real time animal data recording under field conditions
  • Innovative methods for animal identification and traceability
  • Multiparametric and high throughput testing of feed ingredients
  • Animal welfare through IoT application
  • Digital platform/e-market module for animal, animal products/by products marketing



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