Hackthon-1.0 (Promoting Innovation in Farm Mechnization)

A hackathon named “KRITAGYA” has been planned by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) under National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP) along with Agricultural Engineering Division of ICAR. Hackathon 1.0 has been organized in 2020 to promote potential technology solutions for enhancing farm mechanization with special emphasis on women friendly equipments. Students, faculties and innovators/entrepreneurs from any university / technical institution across the country can apply and participate in the event in the form of a group. It will also help in enhancing the learning capabilities, innovations and disruptive solutions, employability and entrepreneurial drive in FM sector, and hence will boost the Mechanisation level in country.

This hackathon received a great response across the country, where more than 784 teams (2479 participants) actively participated in the event. Out of the selected teams for the National level KRITAGYA Agtech Hackathon 1.0 (2020-21), 4 teams were awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 9 lakh.

Problem Statements

  • Women friendly equipment for small farm operations
  • Automatic transplanter/seeder for wetland paddy
  • Automatic weeder for new crops
  • Robotic harvesting of coconut/oil palm
  • Selective Harvesting of physiologically matured tree fruits
  • On-the-go measurement of soil qualities and precision apllication of fertilizers
  • Real time detection of plant diseases and simultaneous site-specific application of pesticides
  • Harvesting of vegetables in multiple picking
  • Cotton picking for Indian conditions
  • Crop residue handling, storage and management
  • Automatic vegetable transplanter
  • Yield determination without crop cutting or crop harvesting
  • Device for contactless determination of biotic stresses to crops
  • Solar/hybrid power tractor/prime movers for farm cultivation operation



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