Kritagya Hackathon 3.0 National Level Evaluation held on 2nd December 2022 in hybrid mode. Final result will be announced soon!            Kritagya Hackathon 3.0 on "Speed Breeding for Crop Improvement" Announced on 16th August 2022          Hackthon 3.0 Flyer    Guidelines             

About Kritagya

KRI-TA-GYA explains, KRI for Krishi (Agriculture), TA for Taknik (Technology) and GYA for Gyan (Knowledge). This event will give an opportunity to the students / faculties / entrepreneurs / innovators and others to showcase their innovative approaches & technology solutions to promote speed breeding for crop improvement to ensure overall suiatanaibility and resilience in crop production in India. Such initiatives under NAHEP along with Crop Science Division of ICAR will also help in enhancing the learning capabilities, innovations and disruptive solutions, employability and entrepreneurial drive in the crop science sector.
Applicants will be presenting the potential solutionson the very specific issues of Crop Improvement like cheaper and more effective materials for rapid generation advancement facilities, precise and handy diagnostic tools for diseases, insect pests, quality of produce etc.; use of ICT for seed traceability, digital breeding platforms and other challenges related to varieties, seeds, biotic and abiotic stresses faced in the vicinity of applicant/specific area/state/zone/at national level. The event will invite and encourage the applicants with innovative, disruptive and out of box problem solving proposals by leveraging the application of technologies or practices in the field of crop science. The problem statements and solutions will be focusing on 'Speed Breeding for Crop Improvement'.




 Business Models for Biofortified Crops Value Chain
 Business Models for Bringing Efficiency to Edible Oil Value Chain
 Traceability Solutions for Seed Supply Chain Management
 Innovative Models for Technology Commercialization
 ERP's (Enterprise Resource Planning Software) for Seed Production and Distribution
 Application of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Computing (VR) in Seed Quality Management
 Digital Technologies for High Throughput Phenotyping
 Device/Rapid Methods for Micronutrients Detection in Crops
 Decision Support System for Pest Forewarning and Management
 Value Added Products from Crop Residues/Milling by Products
 Technologies to Reduce Food Miles and Carbon Footprints of Agriculture
 Intelligent Audio Chatbots for Farm Advisory
 IoT Applications for Production Planning and Price Risk Reduction
 Quality Seed Management - Block Chain Technology for Ensured Quality
 Smart Storage Structures for Food Grain Storage with an Application of AI
 Digitization of Breeding Platforms
 Smart LED Lights for Speed Breeding



  • All screening of the concept entries will be done at initial stage, followed by zonal level evaluation of screened ideas through technical presentation
  • From each zone, 3 winners will be selected for the national round
  • Zonal level winners will get mentorship support from the domain experts to better prepare for the National round
  • Winners from the zone level event, will be felicitated with Appreciation certificates


  • The zonal level winners under this round will make technical presentation before the national level committee and 3 winners will be selected as National Level winners
  • Winners from the national level event, will be felicitated with cash prize and citations with participation certificate

You Can Win

1st Prize

INR 5,00,000

2nd Prize

INR 3,00,000

3rd Prize

INR 1,00,000

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