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NAHEP - Green and Clean Campus Awards

A Green Campus is a place where environmental friendly practices and education combine to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the campus. The green campus concept offers an institution an opportunity to take a lead in redefining its environmental culture and developing new paradigms by creating sustainable solutions to environmental, social and economic needs of the inhabitants.
For ideal educational institutional buildings, it is imperative to put in place sustainable environmental management in terms of green cover, solid, liquid and e-waste management, rain and roof water harvesting, water and energy conservation, waste reuse and recycling, to cite a few.
Greening the campus is all about turning around wasteful inefficiencies and using conventional sources of energies for its daily power needs, correct disposal handling, purchase of environment friendly supplies and effective recycling program. Institute has to work out the time bound strategies to implement green campus initiatives. These strategies need to be incorporated into the institutional planning and budgeting processes with the aim of developing a clean and green campus.

A. Green Campus emphasizes on the following aspects

  1. Greenery to provide pollution free air and carbon sink
  2. Establishing feeding points for bird and animals and creating shelter for them
  3. A Clean campus
  4. Minimise - Waste and consumption of water and energy
  5. Adoption and Deployment of Environment - friendly activities
  6. Impact of use of digital technology and management to reduce consumption of natural resources - paper, gas, water, energy etc.

B. Eligibility Criteria

  • All partners in NAHEP with financial Utilization of 35% by Call 1 AUs and 25% by Call 2 AUs as of September 30th 2020. No restriction for Call 3 AUs with respect to financial utilization.

C. Details of Awards

  • Number of Awards: 3 + consolation prize
  • A citation with memento and cash award of
    1st Prize: INR 10 lakhs
    2nd Prize: INR 8.0 lakhs
    3rd Prize: INR 6.0 lakhs
    Consolation prize: INR 4.0 lakhs
  • Last date of submission of proposals: 31st October, 2020

D1. Evaluation of Green and Clean Campus - Guidelines

Documents verification

The reports accompanying the applications are essentially the documentation of activities by applicant Universities. These reports are examined and reviewed thoroughly against the pre-determined criteria as given below.

Site Visit by Screening Committee

Site visits are to be conducted by a Screening Committee visiting the top five shortlisted Universities (that have attained the maximum score) and activities and other details mentioned in the report will be verified during field visits. During field visits, the scores allotted during desk evaluation can be revisited based on the actual facts on the field (either increased or reduced).

D2. Methodology for the field visits is as follows

Part 1: Visit the location
Visit the location of all the activities and verify the facts mentioned in the report. Make observations on the aspects of quality and impact as indicated in desk review.

Part 2: Interaction with students and Professors etc.
Interact and discuss with Professors, student and workers etc for their involvement in conducting the activities. Attempt to understand their levels of awareness on themes, in general, on environment and their involvement in conducting the activities and make a note of their learning.

Contact Details

National Director
Dr. R. C. Agrawal
Email: nd.nahep@icar.gov.in

National Coordinator
Dr. P. Ramasundaram
Email: ncidp.nahep@icar.gov.in