ICAR-National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP) is supported by Government of India and World Bank launched in November 2017 to improve the quality and relevance of agricultural higher education in India.It is designed to strengthen the national agricultural education system in India with overall objective to provide more relevant and high-quality education to agricultural university students. This programme is promoting efficiency and competitiveness through changes in working mechanism of agricultural universities, raising the teaching and research standards through improved research and teaching infrastructure and enhanced faculty competency and commitments, and making agricultural education more attractive to talented students. There are four key components under NAHEP, namely; Institutional Development Plan (IDP), Centres for Advanced Agricultural Sciences and Technology (CAAST), ICAR to support excellence in agricultural universities (AUs), and ICAR Innovation Grants to AUs. It is envisaged that improved AU performance through quality enhancement, better employment and entrepreneurship opportunities created for agriculture graduates, nonaccredited AUs attaining ICAR accreditation, and institutional reforms implemented in education division of ICAR and AUs under these components together shall contribute to the achievement of the overall program objective