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Online Three Weeks Certificate Course on Google Earth Engine with python for Climate Smart Agriculture
Event Venue :
Online platform (Zoom)
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Procurement Officer
Event Date :
07-06-2021 To 27-06-2021
Objective: Google Earth Engine platform and Python programming are emerging elds and there is a great demand for geo- informatics and data science professionals due to its application potential in several elds such as ecological mapping, agriculture, rural and urban planning, environmental monitoring, natural resources management, natural hazards and disasters management. Climate Smart Agriculture is a continuing education programme that intends to familiarize learners with the Google Earth Engine cloud platform and python programming language to process and analyze geospatial data. The google earth engine platform and algorithms can help detect cropping pattern, land use mapping, soil moisture, land surface temperature, ood, weed and disease, and perform efcient irrigation water management and predict yield and crop quality. Google earth engine platform and Machine learning programming which deal with acquisition, storage, processing, forecasting and dissemination of spatial information. This certicate course aims to provide advanced conceptual and practical knowledge of advanced GIS and remote sensing skills such as accessing, downloading processing, analyzing, and visualizing big data based on the Python and JavaScript programming language with GEE cloud platform. Considering the importance of Google Earth Engine with Python on Climate smart agriculture and water management the three week online national certicate course is being organized from June 07- 27, 2021 by the CAAST-CSAWM with following objectives.
Pre Event Description :
To learn accessing and understanding the earth observation data in the cloud platform. 2. To learn common pre-processing and GIS techniques in Google Earth Engine platform. 3. To acquaint learners with the use of advanced geo- informatics technology and programming language for analyzing spatial data. 4. To learn processing analyzing large volume of remotely sensed satellite data using Google Earth Engine cloud computing. 5. To widen opportunities of learners for higher studies and developing careers in different sectors of employment involving machine learning programming and google earth engine platform. 6. To use google earth engine, algorithms, geoinformatics techniques and models for climate smart agriculture and water resource management.
Target Group: Academicians,Employees,Scholars,Scientist,Students,
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