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Event Name :
Five Days Vocational Training on Food Processing Technologies for Entrepreneurship Development at JAU, JUnagadh
Event Venue :
College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh 362 001 (Gujarat)
Contact person details :
Dr. N. K. Gontia
Co-PI & Principal and Dean, College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology
9879104668 02852671018
Event Date :
04-10-2021 To 08-10-2021
Objective: The objective of Vocational Training is to impart the knowledge of Entrepreneurship opportunities based on food processing technologies to the undergraduate students.
Pre Event Description :
Indian agriculture is severely suffering from an unacceptable level of wastages and failed to provide remunerative prices to farmers. This problem could be curtailed if appropriate strategies can be adopted for the processing of agricultural commodities (especially fruits and vegetables) at their production catchments. The training on food processing technologies for entrepreneurship development will enhance the knowledge and impart the skill oriented training to under graduate students in the field of food processing. It incorporates specialized modules to cover recent trends and advances in food process, global food business, food manufacturing, application of food processing techniques for food preservation and storage, advanced techniques of food processing, preparation of different value added products, machineries for food processing, cold chain and supply chain management, etc. Understanding the technological advancements and commercial viability of the food business has also been a part of the program. In addition, the training has a special component of managerial skill workshops, enabling capacity building, leadership development, and assertive training, which enhance the skills of the prospective entrepreneurs in Food processing.
Target Group: Students,
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