Event Details

Event Name :
Agricultural Innovation & Entrepreneurship Conclave (AIEC) 2023 during 04-08 December, 2023 under NAHEP- CAAST, NAU, Navsari
Event Venue :
Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari (Gujarat)
Contact person details :
Dr. T. R. Ahlawat; Director of Research, Principal Investigator & Nodal Officer (NAHEP-CAAST) NAU, Navsari
Director of Research, Principal Investigator & Nodal Officer (NAHEP-CAAST) NAU, Navsari
9879124272 2637283160
Event Date :
04-12-2023 To 08-12-2023
Objective: 1. The conclave will provide a platform for students, youth and farmers to showcase their innovative ideas and solutions to emerging challenges in the agricultural sector. 2. The conclave will encourage participants to think out-of-the-box and come up with sustainable and efficient solutions using technology and managerial intervention. 3. The conclave will also provide an opportunity for participants to network with experts and peers in the field of agriculture and agribusiness. 4. The conclave will help nurture the spirit of Agriprenuership among students, youth and farmers by providing them with a platform to showcase their innovative ideas and solutions.
Pre Event Description :
The Agricultural Innovation & Entrepreneurship Conclave (AIEC) 2023 is a five-day event from December 4 to December 8, 2023. The conclave is sponsored by the Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP) and organized by the Agricultural Science and Technology (CAAST) Research, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari-Gujarat . The conclave aims to promote innovation and creativity among participants to devise unconventional and effective solutions for their problem statements under two themes: (i) Agripreneurship and (ii) Innovation in Agriculture. Participants will be required to present a sustainable and efficient solution using technology and managerial intervention to tackle emerging challenges at the local and/or national level. The winning teams will be awarded cash prizes, with the first prize being Rs. 15,000/-, second prize being Rs. 11,000/-, and third prize being Rs. 7,000/-. Participation certificates with citations will also be awarded. There will be separate sets of winners for each thematic area. All screened applicants will receive a certificate of participation. A participant can only take part in one thematic area. Participation in IdeaMill is optional. All participants will be informed about the necessary details of IdeaMill through email shortly after their registration in the conclave. To learn more about IdeaMill, please visit this URL, https://nahep.nau.in/nahep_aiec/IdeaMill_terms_and_condition.pdf https://nahep.nau.in/assets/uploads/6c9e3-agricultural-innovation-entrepreneurship-conclave-2023.pdf
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