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Four Weeks Online National Training on Blockchain The New Trust Paradigm
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Dr. Razeef Mohammad
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Expert
9682535695 9682535695
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22-11-2021 To 20-12-2021
Objective: To provide fundamental concepts about blockchain technology. • To provide the knowledge about crypto currency (or “crypto”)/digital currency. • To highlight the applications of blockchain technology in different sector. • To understand the concept of HyperledgerBlockchain • To identify Opportunities, Societal impact and Challenges • To discuss the current status of the Blockchain development and research work in India and across the world.
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Blockchain technology is an emerging technology suitable for decentralized and transactional sharing of data across a large network of untrusted participants. By using this technology one can maintain continuously-growing list of records called blocks and link them in a distributed manner (Blockchain), potentially in such a way that these are secured against tampering. Blockchain is maintained as distributed database of records of transactions (Distributed Ledger) that are shared among participants. This technology uses cryptographic algorithms to validate the logged transactions and ensures that no record is duplicated and also permanent records are updated on each node of the network. This technology allows new type of distributed software architecture where components can establish trust by finding concurrence on their shared states. Blockchain have good potential to transform the logging and management of transactions in different application areas. This technology is successfully used in Bitcoin digital currency and it also has good potential in sectors such as Governance, healthcare, agriculture, cyber security, automobiles, media, travel, hospitality, energy, smart cities etc. This workshop is intended to provide opportunities for faculty, researchers and students to upgrade their knowledge in the area of Blockchain Technologies. Considering the growing importance of Blockchain Technology and its potential in different sectors, this workshop is planned and sessions would be delivered by different experts.
Target Group: Employees,General Users,Students,
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