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Dr. R. J. Zende
Principal Investigator, NAHEP-CAAST, MVC, Mumbai
9969625744 02224131180
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20-09-2022 To 18-10-2022
Objective: 1. To Conceptualize the One Health approach in livestock production and food safety. 2. To Explore innovative approaches for safer food production, healthier animals and better well- being of communities and animal welfare. 3. To discuss the challenges of AMR development of pathogens in the animal product chain. 4. To create awareness amongst scientist, students, veterinarians, industry personnel, stake holders, entrepreneurs about quality assurance and hygienic production of foods
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Livestock is an important factor of the human life as it helps in maintain the food and nutritional security, prevention of poverty and providing a resilient livelihood to billions of people around the globe. However, Livestock production system faces major challenges with respect to spread of pathogens through domestic animals, origination of animal to human transmission of diseases leading to emergence of epidemics and pandemics. According to WOAH, about 75% of emerging pathogens causing disease in humans are known originate from animals as well as 80% of pathogens known to cause bioterrorism originate from animals. In order to tackle the food security, global hunger and provide nutritional food to the community, it has become vital to consume animal origin foods. This is the need of the hour to develop a holistic approach for production of the wholesome, safe and pathogen free food. One health is an approach that can serve to achieve better livelihoods of livestock dependent populations in the frame of different sustainable development goals. It is essential to anticipate, prevent, detect and control diseases that spread between animals and humans, tackle AMR, ensure food safety, prevent environment-related human and animal health threats, as well as combatting many other challenges. Rapid, unplanned and unregulated development of the livestock sector can threaten the health of people, animals and environment. To mitigate such threats, a multidisciplinary and multisectoral approach known as ‘One Health’ must be applied to enhance food safety and sustainable livestock production. Therefore, the four-week certificate course has been planned to aware the scientist, faculty, students, veterinarians, industry personnel, stake holders working in the area of livestock products, entrepreneurs about the production of premium quality livestock products and various aspects related to food quality and safety of livestock origin foods in consideration with one health approach.
Target Group: Academicians,Employees,General Users,Others,Researchers,Scholars,Scientist,Students,Subject Experts,

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