Event Details

Event Name :
Webinar on "International Opportunities for Agriculture Graduates: A Global Perspective"
Event Venue :
Contact person details :
Dr. S.K. Kashyap, PI, IDP-NAHEP, Pantnagar
Principal Investigator
Event Date :
25-05-2020 To 25-05-2020
Objective: To acquaint the students with the prospects of Agricultural Education To enable students of agriculture and allied sciences understand the opportunities existing for them in the international job market
Pre Event Description :
The webinar is being organized by IDP-NAHEP, Pantnagar in association with the College Academic Committee, College of Agriculture Pantnagar. The expert of the event Dr. Rameshwar S. Kanwar, Professor, Iowa State University, USA will focus on enlightening the young brains studying agriculture and allied sciences in knowing the global outlook of Agriculture. The webinar will serve to open the mind of students in understanding the job prospects of agriculture.
Target Group: Researchers,Scholars,Students,
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