Event Details

Event Name :
A five days vocational training programme on “Soil testing lab: As an entrepreneur business opportunity” at JAU, Junagadh
Event Venue :
Conference Hall, College of Agriculture Junagadh Agricultural University Junagadh, Gujarat
Contact person details :
Dr S G Savaliya
Principal, Dean and Co-PI (NAHEP-IDP)
9879104667 02852670289
Event Date :
19-09-2022 To 23-09-2022
Objective: 1. To sharpen technical, entrepreneurial, business, and analytical skills of the undergraduate students for a rewarding career ahead. 2. To Read and interpret technical parameters/ documents, plan and organize work processes, identify necessary materials and tools. 3. Perform task with due consideration to safety rules, accident prevention regulations and environmental protection stipulations. 4. Apply professional skill, knowledge & employability skills while performing jobs. Check the parameters of the test result with standard parameter. 5. Carry out the farming with optimal utilization of resources.
Pre Event Description :
This training programme will be conducted under the aegis NAHEP-IDP, a project being operated at the University funded by ICAR, Delhi for improving the overall competency of the undergraduate students of the University along with strengthening the existing industry-academia liaison and improving entrepreneurial inclination among the students.
Target Group: Students,
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