Event Details

Event Name :
Drone Training With DGCA Certification at JAU, Junagadh
Event Venue :
College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh
Contact person details :
Dr. P. M. Chauhan
Co-PI (IDP) & Dean and Registrar
Event Date :
04-09-2023 To 09-09-2023
Objective: The objective of the Drone training with DGCA certification is to impart the practical knowledge of Drone and its accessories along with DGCA certificate to become Drone Pilot. Students will learn Basic principles of flight, ATC procedure and radio telephony, payload installation and utilization Drone Equipment and maintenance, weather and management etc. Through this training students will become drone pilot will start their bright carrier in the glorious field of agricultural drone industry.
Pre Event Description :
College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology going to organize Drone Training with DGCA Certification under the aegis of NAHEP-IDP, ICAR. Industry Experts have been invited in these trainings to share their drone domain expertise to the students. Drone Training with DGCA Certification Agriculture has undergone a fourth transformation (Farming 4.0) in recent years as ICT has been integrated into conventional farming practices. Technologies like Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) popularly known as drones, Remote Sensing, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data Analytics (BDA), etc. are especially promising and have the potential to usher a new era in agricultural practices. Drones are increasingly being used in agriculture to assist cultivators with monitoring and decision-making on the field. A broad range of agricultural parameters, such as environmental condition, soil nutrient status, plant growth status, crop/soil spatial and temporal variability, irrigation water management, application of pesticides/fertilizers,weed management, and greenhouse production climate, can be monitored in precision agriculture using technology like UAV (Drone) to increase crop yields, minimize costs, and maximize process inputs. The students will learn the Drone Flying and maintenance of Drone along with its aerodynamics. The Drone training with DGCA certification training will be useful in all aspect to under graduate students to become official drone Pilot and boost the employability.
Target Group: Students,
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