Event Details

Event Name :
Bio-Fertilizer Production
Event Venue :
College of Agriculture, OUAT, Chiplima
Contact person details :
Dr. Swatilekha Mohanta
Assistant Professor (Nematology)
Event Date :
31-08-2023 To 07-09-2023
Objective: To develop the skill among the students in the field of bio-fertilizer production technology. To gain knowledge about modern agricultural production technology related to bio-fertilizer production and highlight the quality of the entrepreneur.
Pre Event Description :
The training programme was conducted in College of Agriculture, OUAT, Chiplima, Sambalpur for B.Sc.(Hons.) Agriculture students. The main objective of this programme is to give full awareness and boost self-confidence o the students on different Bio-fertiliser Production technologies, so that they can be self-employed in this field in future. Total duration of the programme is 7 days which consists of 06 lecturers and one field visit to Bio-Product Production Unit of Rajiblochan Producers Company LTD., Baragaon , Baragarh.
Target Group: Students,
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