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Event Name :
Vocational Training on "Start-Up Opportunities for Exporting Irrigation Equipments" at JAU, Junagadh
Event Venue :
College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh
Contact person details :
Dr. P. M. Chauhan
Co-PI (IDP) & Dean and Registrar
Event Date :
21-08-2023 To 25-08-2023
Objective: The objective of the Five Days Vocational Training on Start-Up Opportunities for Exporting Irrigation Equipments under Vocational Training Series: 2023-24 is great platform for students as through interactive sessions and hands-on activities, students will understand the details of identifying market trends, developing innovative products, and navigating the difficulties of cross-border commerce. This training will provide opportunity to not only gain expertise in export-related strategies but also to foster a mind-set that dares to challenge conventions, explore uncharted territories, and create sustainable solutions that surpass geographical borders.
Pre Event Description :
College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology going to organize Five Days Vocational Training Series – 2023-24 under the aegis of NAHEP-IDP, ICAR. Eminent speakers from the reputed institutes and industries across the country have been invited in these trainings to share their domain expertise to the students. The Vocational Training Series :2023-24 comprises of four vocational trainings out of which Department of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering under Incubation Centre on Advanced Irrigation Technologies is organizing vocational training on II. Start-Up Opportunities for Exporting Irrigation Equipments Water is an important natural resource on the earth and plays a vital role in every aspect of life. The sources of consumable water are mainly groundwater, rainfall and surface water bodies like river, ponds and lakes, but the competitors are too many like domestic, agriculture, infrastructure and industrial sectors. Irrigation system is the largest consumer of fresh water on the earth. About 70% of all water is being used to produce 30% to 40% of the world staple crops. The amount of fresh water in the world is constant irrespective of the spatial and temporal variation and, in many locations, there is in sufficient water to fulfil the demand due to rapid grow thin population. The training on “Start-Up Opportunities for Exporting Irrigation Equipments” will give practical knowledge to the students of B. Tech. Agricultural engineering to understand Focused Knowledge: Insights into exporting irrigation equipment, Market Insight: Effective market research skills, Regulatory Mastery: Understanding export regulations, Business Expansion: Opportunities in untapped markets, Networking: Connect with experts and peers, Trend Awareness: Stay updated on market trends, Practical Skills: Hands-on exporting and negotiation skills.
Target Group: Students,
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