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4-Weeks National Online Training on Computer Vision in Agriculture using Machine Learning
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Dr. Razeef Mohammad
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Expert
9682535695 9682535695
Event Date :
24-01-2022 To 24-02-2022
Objective: The agricultural sector has witnessed a lot of contributions when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision in areas like plant health detection and monitoring, planting, weeding, harvesting, and advanced analysis of weather conditions. • To provide basics knowledge of applications of computer vision in agriculture for Image Processing task, Image Classification and transformation. • To give insights about the use of Machine learning and Deep Learning techniques in Computer Vision for Smart Agricultural practices. • To equip the participants with hands-on experience for developing and implementing Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models in Agricultural sector.
Pre Event Description :
The workshop will orient the participants to the in-depth knowledge of image analysis along with their applications in practical way. The workshop will be based on the applications of image processing, machine learning and deep learning in computer vision and hands-on training for object detection, object segmentation, classification and retrieval of images using Python. By the end of this workshop, the participants will become meticulously aware of image processing techniques, machine learning techniques and deep learning techniques that can be applied for computer vision tasks and will have set of algorithms which they will be able to apply to their applications and data sets.
Target Group: Academicians,Students,
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