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Event Name :
Training Workshop on Education Management and Academic Leadership
Event Venue :
ICAR - National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad
Contact person details :
Dr D Thammi Raju
Principal Scientist
Event Date :
06-02-2023 To 10-02-2023
Objective: To enhance the efficiency of Indian Agricultural Education System through Education Management and Academic Leadership
Pre Event Description :
Indian higher education system is one of the largest such systems in the world which is under tremendous pressure as large number of additional students will be knocking at the doors of higher education institutions in the country. New challenges of management and regulations are faced by these institutions, which requires serious attention, both at the institution in the public sector and also those in the private sector. Hence, management in education plays a balancing role between the demand and supply for sustained productivity in any situation and particularly in the context of agricultural education. Education Management create conducive working environment in an institution for greater participation, teamwork, cooperation and synergetic leading to increased productivity and production. For enhancing competency of faculty in the Agricultural Universities, Academic Leadership is having its significance. The administrative challenges and responsibilities of Academic Leaders have to grow periodically. Therefore, providing quality higher education and quality academic leadership are important for effective leadership development and management in agricultural education. The programme provides opportunity to share the experiences of different academic leaders to improve the leadership qualities of faculty. The programme will also provide practical knowledge and insight for effective leadership development and management in education besides providing new ideas and skills for development of professional growth and faculty development. Understanding the importance of educational management and academic leadership among faculty members of Agricultural Universities/ Deemed Universities, the present training workshop was formulated.
Target Group: Academicians,Researchers,
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