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Event Name :
International Conclave on Futuristic Farming
Event Venue :
Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, Vimannagar, Pune
Contact person details :
Principal Investigator and DoR
Event Date :
20-12-2023 To 21-12-2023
Objective: To make awareness about the use of Drone, Robotics, IoT, Hyperspectral Imaging, Indoor Farming and Advanced Agricultural Technologies for Agriculture
Pre Event Description :
"Futuristic farming" refers to the application of cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices in agriculture to enhance efficiency, productivity, profitability and sustainability to address the challenges posed by a growing population, environmental concerns, diminishing human resources for the strenuous tasks in farming along-with the need for increased food production. The definitive goal is to create a more resilient and efficient agricultural system for the future by developing the concept of an autonomous farms. Future farms are the autonomous farms wherein various tasks and operations are conducted with a significant degree of automation, reducing the need for direct human involvement. This future farms incorporate advanced technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, drones, IoTs, geo-informatics, block-chain for traceability, market intelligence, hyper-spectral imaging, spatial decision support systems for enabling the implementation of the concept of climate smart and precision agriculture to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability; enhance resilience, protect environment, reduce labor requirements, and optimize resource use on sustainable basis. Hence, the International Conclave on futuristic farming is being organized to help create a collaborative and informed stakeholder community essential for driving the innovations, development and adoption of advanced agricultural practices for futuristic farms. The conclave consists of the consortium of six symposia that will play a pivotal role in initiating the process of shaping the future of agriculture by fostering collaborative innovations, development and adoption. Place: Four Points by Sheraton Dates: 20-21 December, 2023 Consortium of International Symposium • International Conference on Advanced Agricultural Technologies • International Symposium on Drones for Agriculture • International Symposium on Hyper-spectral Imaging • International Symposium on In-door Farming • International Symposium on IoT for Agriculture • International Symposium on Robotics in Agriculture
Target Group: Academicians,Employees,General Users,Others,Researchers,Scholars,Scientist,Students,Subject Experts,

Image: Futuristic Farming

Image: MPKV Faculty Training at Vietnam

Image: MPKV Faculty International Training at Vietnam

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