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Event Name :
Three days Entrepreneurship Development training programme" at JAU, Junagadh
Event Venue :
Training Hall 2, Kishan Vikas Bhavan, SSK, Junagadh Agricultural University Junagadh, Gujarat
Contact person details :
Dr S G Savaliya
Principal, Dean and Co-PI (NAHEP-IDP)
9879104667 02852670289
Event Date :
02-03-2023 To 04-03-2023
Objective: 1. To provide knowledge and skills on the role of endophytes in plant health and nutrition. 2. To equip participants with practical insights on endophyte isolation, identification, and commercialization. 3. To inspire and empower entrepreneurs and researchers to leverage endophytes for agricultural sustainability and profitability.
Pre Event Description :
The three days entrepreneurship development training programme on "Endophytes: A Potential Bio agent for Plant Health and Nutrition" was a comprehensive and intensive learning experience for all participants. The training was designed to equip entrepreneurs, researchers, and agriculture enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage endophytes for plant health and nutrition. The programme covered a wide range of topics including the basics of endophytes, the role of endophytes in plant growth and development, methods for endophyte isolation and identification, and the commercialization of endophyte-based products. Participants were exposed to case studies of successful entrepreneurs in the endophyte-based industry and had the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities such as endophyte isolation and identification. The training was delivered by industry experts and academic researchers who provided practical insights and guidance on how to leverage endophytes for agricultural sustainability and profitability. Overall, the programme was a valuable learning experience that provided participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to succeed in the endophyte-based industry.
Target Group: Students,
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