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Event Name :
One Week National Training Programme on Recent Advances in Development of Bioformulations for use in Sustainable Agroecosystems in India
Event Venue :
Division of Basic Sciences& Humanities, Faculty of Agriculture, Wadura (193201) Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology of Kashmir.
Contact person details :
Dr. Raihana Habib Kanth
Professor Cum Chief Scientist Agronomy IDP-NAHEP, SKUAST-K
7006172283 7006172283
Event Date :
25-03-2021 To 31-03-2021
Objective: To update participants knowledge with latest advances in the development of various effective bioformulations for use in safe agricultural practices. • To make participants aware of application of bioformulations for safe nutrient and disease management in sustainable agricultural production systems with due consideration of economic and environmental factors.
Pre Event Description :
The role of microbes in sustainable agro-ecosystems has provided new insights to agro economyand one of the direct benefits is the lesser reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides as the continuous application of these chemicals not only showed detrimental effects on agro-ecosystems but also resulted in health risks to humans and animals. In last few years the development of microbial bio-inoculants for enhancing plant growth and disease eradication has emerged as an alternative but a broader aspect of their application as formulatory product has remained in infancy especially in developing countries. At the economic and social level also this green strategy is facing hurdles and lags far behind their competitors, the synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Most of the times it has been found that bioformulations available for a particular crop do not give good results equivalent to those in the laboratory conditions. Such and related constraints are major challenges of this greener approach. Various workers all over the world are continuously engaged in developing formulation products which could be easier to use, show enhanced activity towards phytopathogens and may cover more target crops. Whole process of bioformulation development from screening of microbe to product development and its implementation need to be reviewed. Training will be imparted on the techniques with an aim to disseminate the knowledge among the participants of different parts of the country.
Target Group: Academicians,Employees,General Users,Others,Students,Subject Experts,
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