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Event Name :
Innovation & Leadership Development
Event Venue :
Google Meet Platform hosted and moderated by College of Agriculture Engineering and Post Harvest technology, Ranipool, Sikkim
Contact person details :
Dr. PP Dabral
Dean, College of Agriculture Engineering & Post Harvest Technology, Sikkim
Event Date :
28-07-2020 To 31-07-2020
Objective: 1. Deeper understanding of innovation and need to innovate 2. Importance of innovation in the current scenario 3. Various approaches to innovation 4. Better understanding of challenges and how to turn them into opportunities with the help of innovation 5. Motivation to change one’s perspective to innovate 6. Better understanding of the concept of leadership 7. Better understanding of self with respect to leadership 8. Motivation to become a leader and form a team 9. Better understanding of core leadership competencies
Pre Event Description :
Resource Person Prof. Kushal Raut, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer Director – CommuniCare, Pune 28th July Session 1: - What is Innovation? - Importance of Innovation in the 21st century! - Knowing the Success Mantra and creating possibilities and opportunities for yourself 1.0 hrs. Session 2: - The importance of “why” in Innovation - How to approach Innovation? - Ways of developing Innovative ideas 29th July Session 3: - History of Innovation in Agriculture - Learning Innovation through an activity - Participation of all students present in the session 1.0 Session 4: - Innovation Case Studies (notable examples) - Detailed discussion on exemplary innovations and their positive impact on the world - Encouragement for students to think “out of the box” to innovate - Motivation to turn job providers rather than job seekers 30th July Session 5: - What is leadership? - Role of a Leader - Importance of attitude and motivation in Leadership Session 6: - Leadership styles and types with examples - Understanding self through SWOT Analysis - Identifying Self-Leadership style - Personal Leadership 31st July Session 7: - Identifying Important Leadership Core Competencies - Discussion on the following Competencies: Vision, Integrity, Interpersonal Skills, Resilience, Effective Communication, Flexibility, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Creativity & innovation, and Entrepreneurship - Relevant examples for each Competency Session 8: - Leadership Case Studies - Importance of Leadership in Agriculture - Motivation to turn into leaders rather than becoming followers
Target Group: Researchers,Scholars,Students,
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