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RPCAU, Pusa through Cisco Webex Meeting Link: available in Information Brochure Registration Link: https://forms.gle/hKBoLesgEt38m3vG8
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Dr. Kumari Anjani
Assistant Professor, Dept. of AB&MB, College of Basic Sciences & Humanities, RPCAU, Pusa
Event Date :
19-10-2020 To 21-10-2020
Objective: 1. To highlight the importance and role of nanotechnology in revolutionizing agriculture. 2. To help students and researchers understand the concept and applications of nanobiotechnology.
Pre Event Description :
“International webinar on Nanotechnology in Agriculture & Biotechnology” has been designed to provide an insight into the principles and techniques of nanotechnology and its major applications in agriculture and biotechnology. Nanotechnology is the field of science which has gained importance in recent years due to its medical, industrial and agricultural applications. It has a potential to revolutionize the agricultural sector by nanoparticles based efficient fertilizer use, new-generation pest control methods and biosensors mediated interventions. The most important application of this technique is nanobiotechnology which utilizes biological system for production and use of nanomaterials for diagnostic, analytical and therapeutic purposes. The webinar will educate the scientific fraternities of India and abroad about the fine details of nanotechnology. Through this webinar, the global scientific communities will learn from each other through experience sharing. It will also be an opportunity for the students to gain knowledge from renowned speakers throughout the world. The webinar will highlight the importance of nanobiotechnology.
Target Group: Academicians,Researchers,Scholars,Scientist,Students,Subject Experts,
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