Event Details

Event Name :
Training Program on Operationalization and Usage of Agri-DIKSHA Web Education Channel
Event Venue :
Online through Zoom
Contact person details :
Dr. Sudeep Marwaha
Principal Scientist and PI (NAHEP-Component 2 & RAES)
Event Date :
29-05-2023 To 31-05-2023
Objective: 1. To familiarize the participants about the operationalization of hardware component virtual classroom 2. To acquaint the participants with the usage of software components of virtual classroom and Agri-DIKSHA. 3. To understand the different features and functionalities of Agri-DIKSHA Web Channel and Virtual Classroom
Pre Event Description :
Under Resilient Agriculture Education System (RAES) of National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP), the virtual classroom facilities have been established in agricultural universities. This facility is bundled with Agri-DIKSHA web channel which is an interactive portal for facilitating faculty members to develop and broadcast virtual learning modules. This classroom will be a part of the ‘blended learning’ method that combines on-line and in-person teaching/learning wherein quizzes, video lectures and other learning materials can be embedded in virtual learning modules. This training program will provide a comprehensive understanding of operationalization and utilization of Agri-DIKSHA web education channel to all interested faculty members, nodal officers and master trainers.
Target Group: Academicians,Others,Researchers,Scholars,Scientist,Students,Subject Experts,
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