Event Details

Event Name :
One day Agricultural Education Fair
Event Venue :
Sai Residency, Green Court, Haveri, Karnataka
Contact person details :
Dr. Raghavendra K. Mesta
Principle Investigator, NAHEP-IDP, UHS Bagalkot
Event Date :
19-12-2023 To 19-12-2023
Objective: The objective of an agricultural education fair is to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge, information, and innovations within the agricultural sector. These fairs are designed to bring together various stakeholders, including farmers, researchers, educators, policymakers, and industry professionals, to promote learning, collaboration, and the overall development of the agricultural community. 1. Knowledge Dissemination: Share the latest advancements in agricultural practices, technologies, and research with farmers and other participants 2. Capacity Building: Provide training and workshops to farmers and agricultural professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge. 3. Showcasing Innovations: Showcase new and innovative products, technologies, and practices in agriculture. 4. Promoting Sustainable Practices: Emphasize the importance of sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation. 5. Youth Involvement: Engage and inspire the younger generation to pursue careers in agriculture. Promote educational programs and opportunities that encourage youth participation in the agricultural sector. 6. Showcasing Regional Diversity: Highlight the diverse agricultural practices across different regions.
Pre Event Description :
In view of creating the awareness about the various agricultural & allied courses and its opportunities in different sectors for the High school and PU college students, One Day Agricultural Education Fair was organized on 19.12.2023 at Sai Residency, Green Court, Haveri. The prior approval was obtained by PI, NAHEP-IDP for organizing the fair. From each school/college, 5 students and one teacher were invited for taking the benefits of this programme. Totally, 25 schools/college were invited for the programme and 100 participants have attended the same.
Target Group: General Users,Others,Students,
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