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One Week online International training on Recent Digital Tools in Abiotic Stress Management for crop modeling
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Dr. Godawari S. Pawar
Associate Professor
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29-06-2020 To 03-07-2020
Objective: To provide technical knowledge on designing new plant architecture aimed at producing climate resilient crop varieties through different physiological, digital and remote sensing tools. To familiarized young professionals with digital tools of molecular physiology & their utilization in agriculture so it will help to make them capable to undertake advanced teaching, research and extension activities. To divulge the achievements of physio-molecular research and their impact on crop improvement and food security. Impart Knowledge for modelling crops using phenomics tools.
Pre Event Description :
The Centre for Advance Agricultural Science and Technology (CAAST) for Digital Farming Solutions for Enhancing Productivity by Robots Drones and AGV’S (DFSRDA), Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Parbhani, Maharashtra is organizing a one week online International training programme on “Recent Physio-Molecular Digital Tools in Abiotic Stress Management for Crop Modeling” from 29th June -3rdJuly, 2020. DFSRDA-CAAST is being implemented under World Bank Sponsored National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP) of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi, Government of India, since July 2019. One of the main objectives of this centre is the capacity building among PG/PhD students and faculties of VNMKV and other universities about recent advances in agricultural science and technology. Abiotic stress drastically limits agricultural crop productivity worldwide. Climate change threatens the sustainable agriculture with it’s rapid & unpredictable efforts, making it difficult for agriculturist and farmers to respond to the challenges croping up with environmental stresses. This challenge comes at a time when plant sciences are witnessing remarkable progress in understanding the fundamental processes of plant growth and development. I n order to deal with the challenge & crop improvement in the era of climate change, it is essential that we adopt the approaches in which plants responds to environmental changes in terms of producing novel phenotypes. The online training aims to share the knowledge & experience of the researchers about various methodologies, strategies & recent scientific development about management of abiotic stresses of the crops in addition to the immediate challenges of climate change in agriculture & allied sectors. This training will helps to bring together researchers/scientists from different institutions working in the area of development of climate resilent varieties and to equip the young scientists to face the challenges posed by changing climatic condition by using plant phenomics tools and to discuss how effective the plant physio-molecular research should be conducted and integrated within multidisciplinary research team.
Target Group: Employees,Researchers,Scholars,Scientist,Students,Subject Experts,
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